Move to the Rhythm of your soul

Ecstatic Dance is a lively, sweaty, full body moving meditation that increases fitness, stills the mind and allows your most authentic self to show up deeply and completely. The only steps are the ones you chose, follow the beat of the music to drop into full body bliss.

Join me on the dance floor at St Peters Church Hall, 2 Church Street by Halo Café Friday evenings 7.30 – 9.00pm ($15 on the door).

All welcome, do dance experience necessary

“Sarsha lead us through ways of dancing that created a sense of connection, with the music, with our bodies and with our souls. It was an incredible experience, one that surprised me and has stayed with me ever since. Whenever I get the chance to dance with Sarsha, I do, because she just has this way of connecting you with your soul.”

KATE EVANS of New Plymouth